Saturday, October 20, 2007

Create Windows Live Messenger Buttons !

Create a handy button for your Windows Live Messenger contact so your friends can easily add you to their contact list.

Buttons make it easy! Use the button builder to create a button that fits your personal style or even just your mood. Add the button to your Windows Live Hotmail, Outlook and other email
signatures, Windows Live Space, or blog, and your friends and family can simply click your button to add you to their contact list.

Click here for Button Builder.

Safety Notice: Please note that the e-mail address associated with your Windows Live ID will be available to everyone who visits any publicly available web site you choose to place this button on.


Ram said...

This one is really cool. Would like to know more about its features like Can I customize this?

Anonymous said...

You can customize in the Steps that's you have to go, its the customization offered in the steps.