Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Get @merawindows.com email IDs

Few days back I had posted about getting @vista.aero Windows Live IDs, Get @vista.aero Windows Live IDs, an offer from Bink.nu.

Now merawindows, Microsoft Windows Community for India, is offering @merawindows.com Windows Live IDs. Check out this and get a @merawindows.com mail IDs powered by Windows Live.

Also I have posted articles , how to configure and access such custom domain accounts powered by Windows Live using : Adding @vista.aero account in Windows Live Mail
This article tells you about how to access custom domain such as @merawindows.com accounts in Windows Live Mail.
Configuring Outlook 2007 using Outlook Connector
While, this article shows how to get such accounts in Outlook2007.

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