Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Halo 3 Master Chief paper Model

At some point or other, we all have been involved with paper art in some or the other form. There's Origami, or some other paper art form or atleast everybody must have flown their paper airplane.
Here's such a paper model by *billybob884 for all Halo 3 fans, a paper model of master Chief. The final model comes out to be 13" (33 cm) tall, has roughly 2100 faces (+ ~800 for the gun), and is made up of 42 pieces (+ 10 for the gun). So one must have patience to build it.

Instructions and PDF of the model for download are available at: Master Chief Assembled by *billybob884

Talking of such paper models, I still have paper models of famous buildings made by me long time back. If anybody interested , can check out here.

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