Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MSN Launches Green Channel

Today MSN added a new channel to its online information and entertainment network called MSN Green — a one-stop online resource for the latest environmental news, exploring the issues and taking action.

MSN Green will provide consumers with environmental information, including articles developed by popular online publications and Web sites, along with multimedia, interactive features and other content compiled from MSN Lifestyle, MSN Money, MSN Autos, MSN Travel, and the network’s other information and entertainment channels.

Categories will include the following:

Articles. MSNBC, Conservation International, Environmental Defense, Grist.org, TreeHugger.com and Hearst Magazines (The Daily Green), publisher of Good Housekeeping, as well as other popular consumer publications, will be among those providing articles on global warming, energy, health, biodiversity, social responsibility and other environmental topics. These articles will be available on MSN Green.

Tools. Interactive tools featured on the channel help inspire people to take a stand on the environment. For example, MSN Green visitors can determine the amount of carbon dioxide their lifestyle produces (the carbon calculator), measure how green they are (the Green-o-meter), gauge their awareness of eco-issues (the Eco-Footprint quiz), and add their name to an online petition to freeze and reduce carbon dioxide emissions (Stop Global Warming Virtual March).

Photos. Galleries of photos culled from around the Web will show, rather than tell, the effects of climate change. Other recurring pictorials will spotlight eco-friendly places to live; how to live a greener lifestyle; and celebrities, politicians and others who are leading the green charge.

Videos. Amateur and professional video clips from MSN Video and partner Web sites will spotlight the environment, climate change and other green topics.

MSN Green
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