Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Live Search for Windows Mobile with voice input

Live Search for Windows Mobile is the best way to find key local information when you’re on the go. Whether you’re traveling for business, shopping around town, or planning your night out, you can quickly find businesses and restaurants by just speaking, get turn by turn driving directions, and view it all on interactive maps.
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Local information and navigation
  • Find local businesses and restaurants, and click to call them
  • Get turn by turn driving directions
  • Explore interactive maps with satellite imagery
  • View current traffic information and find cheap gas1 stations
  • See movie showtimes by theaters
Web search from any phone with Internet access
  • Search the full Web
  • Find the latest news items
  • Search images and photos
  • Get instant answers for weather, stocks, maps, etc
Easy to use, and optimized for your phone
  • Choose the customized version that’s best for your phone
  • Speak your questions—no need to type1
  • Browse business listings by categories2
For details pl. see: http://www.livesearchmobile.com/

Get Live Search Now !
Any mobile Phone
Just type m.live.com into your phone’s browser3.
Windows Mobile or BlackBerry
To download local search, mapping, and navigation go to wls.live.com

Microsoft Corp. today announced the final updates to the fall release of its Live Search service, introducing a broad array of new services and features to its local and mobile search offerings. The new features and enhancements are designed to make it easier for people to find what they need at home or on the go through significant innovations in mapping, imagery and driving directions as well as new services to make the mobile search experience easy and powerful.

Mobile Enhancements

Live Search for Windows Mobile with voice input. The updated Live Search for Windows Mobile® 5.0 and 6.0 will be available for download for free on Tuesday, Oct. 16, and now includes voice input (beta version), gas prices, and hours of operation for businesses. The service can also use Global Positioning System (GPS) data on GPS-enabled phones to provide location-aware local search for customers.

Live Search 411. Jointly developed with Tellme Networks Inc., acquired by Microsoft earlier this year, a new toll-free number will be available for anyone using any kind of phone to access the power of Live Search. Users can simply dial (800) CALL-411 (800-225-5411) and say the city and state, then ask for the business or business category to hear a list of options. Users say, “Connect me,” to instantly connect to the business. Cell phone users can ask for a text message with a link to a map of the business.*

Live Search for use with BlackBerry® Devices. Live Search designed for use with BlackBerry devices is in beta and will be available for download for free on Tuesday, Oct. 16. It is a new offering designed for use on BlackBerry OS 4.0.2 or later phones, and customers with GPS-enabled phones can use location awareness to enhance their searches.

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