Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Windows Live Home out of beta and Windows Live Calendar working ?

Windows Live Home is the central page for Windows Live on the Web.
"It provides an easy jumping-off point to all your Windows Live web services and gives you at-a-glance status for some of them. On the Home page, you can quickly check for new e-mail, new comments on your blog, or updates from your Spaces friends without having to go to each of those pages.

Today we’ve released a new version of the Windows Live Home page. We’re taking off the “beta” tags, which means we’re no longer just testing this page out—it’s here to stay...."

That's what the Windows Live Wire says.

But if I sign into 'Home' , I still get : "Welcome to the new Windows Live Home beta “Beta” means that we’re still fine-tuning a few things. We’d love to hear from you about how we can make this page better. "

So is it not yet released to all regions?

Also as can be seen 'Home' page doesn't show the weather module for my region, then I force it show using US region, which first shows Redmond, then i change it to Bangalore, India.

So, if its out of beta, it could have been provided to all the regions, making it uniform everywhere.

UPDATE: (17Oct07), As of now, the beta message on the Home is removed but weather module is still not available by default.

But I can see the 'Calendar' option working now.

Few days back, many were talking of 'Calendar' option being spotted on Windows Live Orb menu, but it was a dead link, as it was not working.
Today, I was just checking again, and there it was, working! Is it the Windows Live Calendar, we have been waiting for? Or is it the same available from Windows Live Hotmail? Anyway if there are any changes in future , we will compare them.
For now,the 'Calendar' link from the Windows Live Orb is working, checkout the screenshots to see what all it has, at present. But as of now Calendar.live.com is not working as a separate link.

So here are some of the screenshots,

This can be set to show as per Day, week, month or year.
Various options available in Calendar are ,
options which are shown individually here,

Those were the options available.

Now in the 'New' menu you have,
Appointment, Meeting Request, Task and Note.

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