Thursday, October 18, 2007

Windows Live Photo Gallery Updated, supports Flickr

Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta is updated, as I got this as a critical update in Windows Update. Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta 2.2 is a refresh of the earlier version of beta 2.0.
After the update, the shortcut for WL Photo gallery is removed from Windows Live Subfolder, where all shortcuts of other Live products were installed and is placed directly in Program list.
Then, when it was run for the first time , I was presented with a window asking, whether you want to open certain types of files with WL Photo Gallery.
I pressed Yes and proceeded.
But, when I double clicked such images, nothing happened, So this is a bug and has to be looked into. Its already been filed at Connect. This happens only with XP SP2 , while works fine on Vista.
The new Build shown is 12.0.1299.1010

Also one of the added feature is support for publishing images to Flickr.
The release notes says:
Windows Desktop Search is not required for installation.
Windows Live Photo Gallery will no longer replace entry points or any icons for the Windows Photo Gallery that is included with Windows Vista.
For more info, check out this KB article 943550
After all, its a beta and its improving.

UPDATE: As some people requested to post more screenshots related to Flickr, I am adding it;
As shown above when you click on Publish on Flickr for the first time, you'll get authorization window
Next after you authorize, and do publish on Flickr,

So that's how one publishes on Flickr using Windows Live Photo gallery , making it very convenient.

Here I also want to add, for those who are not using Photo Gallery , can get it from here.
And then check Microsoft Update to ensure you get the latest Beta 2.2 version with all of the new features. And this update is being rolled out over a period of several days, so you may not see it right away. So if you haven't tried , you should try. More new features may be added as its still in beta and improving.

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