Friday, November 09, 2007

Add the Windows Live Translator add-in to your Blog / Site

Here it is, what I have been requesting since the start of Windows Live Translator Service. Availability of add-in or widget to ones blog or site to make use of Translation service.
Earlier I had implemented it in my own way also while ViaWindowsLive did it in a cool way by providing Country's Flags.
But recently, it has been made available by Windows Live Translator. Thanks !

Just goto Windows Live Translator and there you'll find a link,
Add the web page Translator to your site
which will open up a page that offers code that can be added to your blog or site.
So first, Select the language your web page is written in (I have selected English as this Blog is in English) and the appropriate code will be generated in the box and just copy this code and paste it into your Blog/site.

That's all. So a dropdown list with various language option in that language will be available on your Blog / site which the reader will be able to recognize the page translation option in his native language. So select the language and press the arrow.
I have already added it to my blog, Please check on the sidebar on the right.

UPDATE: The announcement of the same by MSR-MT Team has also been made earlier which I had missed. Please check it at, Translate This and Translate My Page Functionality with Windows Live Translator

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