Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Countdown to launch of Windows Live Wave 2

Windows Live Wave 2 is to be launched today, as of now just ~13 hrs. to go. You can check the countdown clock.
This will include Messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery and Family Safety, Skydrive, Toolbar etc. - everything on the main beta page

So if you haven't tried these wonderful services yet, you should try them. For any issues related to installation problems, please check the KB article recently updated: The most common Windows Live services installation problems
Also have a look at Windows Live Beta release notes.
I hope with this new release, installer works well for all.
(Thanks LiveSide)


Anonymous said...

the installer works fine. I have upgraded all my windows live softwares using the installer WITHOUT un-installing. The installer says "Detecting previous versions of LIve services" and then automatically updates them. So far .. no problems.

Vasudev said...

Fine. Yes the new live apps and services do work fine. But it was suggested for Windows Live Mail that the earlier version be uninstalled first before upgrading. Anyway I too upgraded it without removing the previous one though, and is working fine.