Tuesday, November 06, 2007

@live.xxx available publicly today?

LiveSino reported, the @Live.xxx Windows Live IDs will be soon available for public to create such accounts. But Microsoft has not officially confirmed this news. The scale of the rollout beyond the US and China is unknown right now.
Earlier many were able to obtain @live.xxx accounts from a hack, which was patched up. Since getting such accounts is eagerly waited, keep an eye , that will be soon opened up for public.
According to LiveSino, it'll be opened up at 14:00:00 Tuesday November 6, 2007 in US/Pacific, that converts to 03:30:00 Wednesday November 7, 2007 in Asia/Calcutta or 22:00:00 Tuesday November 6, 2007 in GMT.
And LiveSino has given registering site for China region as http://get.live.cn
So keep an eye on
http://get.live.com or http://get.live.in
Or regular mail.live.com or check here, if a new site gets launched.

Thanks LiveSide

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