Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Zune arrives and Upgrade your old Zune to New Zune video

In few hours, consumers will get a richer, more connected and more personal entertainment experience and the opportunity to get their hands on sleek new Zune players, redesigned Zune software, and new online services including the Zune Marketplace and Zune Social. The players — along with dozens of accessories — will be available at retailers across the United States, while the new Zune software will be available for free download at http://www.zune.net.

For the first time, consumers also will have the option to customize their Zune player with laser-engraved designs and personal text through a new Web store called Zune Originals

As of now, Both Zune.net which says "currently unavailable due to scheduled maintenance" and the Zune marketplace-Zune Originals Store, displays just the Zune logo, which can only mean one thing: update time!

This was about the new Zune which will be made available in a few hours. What about the existing Zune users?

Existing Zune owners will receive all new software features via a free and easy upgrade, available Nov 13. So how to do this firmware upgrade to 2.2 ?

Check out this video detailing the upgrade experience from Jason Dunn - Zune 30 Firmware Update: Old is Made New
so that you can also check what it takes to upgrade your Old Zune with the new Firmware.

Here are some screenshots of the video:

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Anonymous said...

Zune looks nice and its new functions are great but iPod still is the best. Nothing compares to the iPod interface and design, although Zune really seems like a good product. Have you seen this iPod Touch ad made by an user? http://www.weshow.com/us/p/21278/home_made_ipod_touch_ad
It shows in less than 30 seconds why Zune is good but an iPod is an iPod. Period.