Sunday, November 04, 2007

Windows Vista and itasveer

Few days back, I had posted about non-availability of online photo printing service in India with regard to Windows Live Spaces and HP snapfish (Windows Live Spaces and HP Snapfish India),
for which one of the readers nishant commented about the itasveer which has partnered with Vista for photo prints in India.
Yes, i do remember about this and thought of posting about it. Its not a new service, just after the launch of Windows Vista, this was announced :
" is the only Indian photo printing service which has partnered with Microsoft for the ‘Online Print Wizard’ module in Windows Vista. So, if you’re running Windows Vista on your PC, you are a step closer to itasveer. You can now choose the photographs you want to print from your ‘Photo Gallery’ and just press the ‘Order Prints’ button, we’ll take you through rest of the process."
Just goto the print option of Windows Live Photo Gallery, which comes with Vista as default or get its newer beta version, then from the 'Print' option , press order Prints... and the itasveer will be listed as a printing company. That's the only one being listed for India at present. For the location of US, so many companies are listed. Maybe in future , more companies will be added for India region. If its not being listed for you, make sure you have set your location as India to see itasveer in the list, Set the location as India from Control Panel > Regional and Language Settings.

For the India location, only provider being listed is itasveer.

While for the US location, you can see a long list of providers.


Anonymous said...

you may want to chk the latest "order prints" there are 3 services for India.

FujiFilm, Shutterfly and Kodak

Vasudev said...

Thanks, I'll put a separate post announcing this. But its working only for XP,which shows these 3 new services but doesn't list itasveer, while Vista shows iTasveer only.

Vasudev said...

Before posting about 3 new services as you told, i thought of going further and placing an order and checking it. So when I checked, the location was US and in XP and WLPG it was listing those 3. And when I changed location to India, only shuterfly was shown (again WLPG and XP)but when placed an order again prices were in $,
So still for India its iTasveer only which is available from Vista and WLPG.

akhilesh said...

but i would expect a default location to be India right?

Vasudev said...

akhilesh, it'll depend where you have set your location. You can set it to India from Control Panel>regional and language settings. Please set it this & check.