Saturday, December 01, 2007

Microsoft Silverlight and Cricket

The newly formed Indian Cricket League (ICL) whose website uses Silverlight for providing LIVE feeds of scores of Ongoing T-20 Cricket matches. Not only that, you can Watch the match LIVE which also is powered by Silverlight. Watch it LIVE.

"Microsoft is working closely with ICL to enable a rich and never-before-seen experience online, with innovative features allowing Internet users to switch between multiple camera angles, broadcast feeds, overlay with statistical elements and even interact with tools that will, for example, allow users to judge and opine the fate of a player when a third umpire decision is called for."

ICL is providing Live feed of all Indian Cricket League matches going on at present using Silverlight.

UPDATE : I just noticed, Not only the scorecard, you can watch the match LIVE, which uses Silverlight streaming.

"We plan to use the internet as a huge medium to reach out to enthusiasts and fans, with live broadcasts, recorded highlights, scoreboards, statistics, charts - all providing Internet viewers with a great alternate channel to enjoy matches as they happen," said Kapil Dev, president, ICL.
(Source: Microsoft to focus on web experience)

One should try it out, it loads quickly , good quality stream, no jerks , Overall a smooth experience watching the video powered by Silverlight.


Anonymous said...

Looking Good. Hopefully MSFT can get this done for all Cricket Matches and F1...

Vasudev said...

Yes, good experience watching the LIVE video powered by Silverlight. I think this is the first instance of providing LIVE video feed of Cricket matches powered by Silverlight. So hope to see more in the future.

Even LiveStation is coming in future.
Interactive Live TV on the PC - LiveStation,