Friday, December 07, 2007

MSDN and TechNet Chopsticks

What is this Chopsticks doing with MSDN and TechNet? Its newly launched 'on demand' webcast platform from MSDN/TechNet team in Belgium.

TechNet Chopsticks will provide technical videos from Microsoft employees, from the community, MVP, UG and from TechNet Events like the TechNet evenings and TechDays.
TechNet Chopsticks

Really it'll be a great repository for all Technical stuff. The webcast player is based on silverlight and it will also provide the code to embed the videos from the site and share it onto ones blog, as you can see I have put a video below, taken from TechNet Chopsticks into my Blog. Just move your mouse over the video to get controls.
Tech-Ed 2007 - Opening Keynote video

The videos are categorised into Premium and Non-Premium content. The Premium content needs one to login using his LiveID to see, rate or download. While, non-premium can be viewed without login but it needs login , if one has to rate it.

And there is another similar site for developers from MSDN called MSDN Chopsticks.
MSDN Chopsticks

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