Saturday, December 15, 2007

Star Wars edition of Yahoo! Messenger for the Web

Yahoo! has launched a Star Wars edition of Yahoo! Messenger for the Web, complete with a Star Wars theme, sounds and new emoticons.

It includes 30 customized emoticons of Star Wars characters plus a couple of hidden emoticons.
I haven't yet explored it to find all hidden things.

This version also breaks ground with a new breed of emoticons - super combo emoticons. When you enter two Star Wars emoticons next to each other in a message, there’s a “galactic” interaction between them. Try typing “(vader)(obiwan)” in a message to try it out. You’ll have to figure out the other nine combos on your own.

No download is required, its Messenger for the web, also works.

All Star Wars fans can try it out.

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All 181 Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons ( include Star War Emoticons ) :