Thursday, December 06, 2007

Windows Live Messenger IM Control Beta2 Improvements

Some days back I had posted about Using Windows Live Messenger IM Control on Blog/site , and I had already put that on my Blog and I was also using it as signature in Forums which had made discussing Forum topics very convenient. It was also being used as signatures in Feeds of my various articles.

At that time I had noted that size of the box (now rightly called as IM Window) had to be adjusted manually according to ones needs. Now with the release of Windows Live Messenger IM Control Beta2, many improvements have been done.

Now as you login to Messenger Web settings page,

and click on 'Create HTML', you can see a new option of Button is also provided and the Messenger is now rightly called IM Window.

Further you can modify the size of this IM Window with the option provided. And also change the color according to your liking and requirement.

But as I needed a smaller width to fit into my blog, it did not accept a size smaller than default size, One could only increase the size. So I had to manually adjust the size and now I changed the color also.

This IM control is really very useful, if you haven't tried it, you should now !

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