Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yahoo! Messenger Pre-beta version for Vista released

At last its here! The Yahoo! Messenger exclusively for Vista which was in the news since long time is finally released. Its a pre-beta version, so lot of things still to be addressed.

Yahoo! Messenger for Vista

-Entirely new interface, quality GUI provided by Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
-Organize your conversations into tabs
-Contacts can be Dragged and dropped into Vista Sidebar gadget.
-slider for adjusting contact details and size.
-enhanced emoticons.
-skin chooser
-instant messages to Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger contacts.
-Spell check as you type.
-Send files as large as 2 GB

So those were some of the features, and now familiar features not present in this version:
- Does not support 64 bit Vista.
- voice, webcam, chat rooms, SMS, Audibles, plug-ins, photo sharing, conferencing are not there in this pre-beta release.
All these will be addressed in the future release.

Also those who do not want to install Yahoo toolbar, do not want to make as home page or Yahoo as default search engine, be sure to uncheck these prior to installing.

Though this messenger looks cool, Still I am comfortable with my Windows Live Messenger. Will see what Yahoo messenger brings in its next release.

2 comments: said...

ohhhhhhhhhh , that's good. but i've been using Yahoo(not for vista) msgr, on my VISTA..

Vasudev said...

This Yahoo Messenger for Vista was being eagerly waited as it was in the news since long. Its still in Pre-beta So nothing that impressive except he use of WPF. So let Yahoo come with next version, then you can think of replacing it.
BTW, nice blog,navin. I just checked meroguff.