Monday, December 24, 2007

Zune FM Radio Tip

zunelogo2 This is a tip for those who are not able to tune to some of the FM stations in their region. This will be useful for those region outside of North America or where Zune is still not available, like here in Bangalore, India,  I have a Zune and enjoying Zune.


zuneeuro I have tuned and set all the FM stations available, nearly a dozen of them in my region and set them as presets. But some of the stations are not properly tuned as some of the stations available here, end with even number, like 104.0 and 107.2 MHz. So these do not get tuned as the default setting in Zune is for North America region, where, normally all stations end with odd numbers and in the Zune also they are available in the range of 87.5 MHz - 107.9 MHz in the steps of 0.2 MHz, so when you seek, stations ending with even numbers, are not properly tuned.

So how to tune such stations? Just go to Zune settings > radio > europe ,

Set it to europe region.

Now for Europe region, its available in the range of 87.5 MHz - 108 MHz in the steps of 0.1 MHz. Now all of your stations, whether ending up with odd or even are available.So seek them with seek :on or manually seek them with seek:off and store them as presets. Enjoy !


ANUPAM said... worked.....i bought a 120 gb zune....and got ur thread...thanks again!!!!do visit

Vasudev said...

Thanks for your comments, Yes many Zune users in India have found this Zune FM radio tip useful. Yes, I'll surely check your blog.

ANUPAM said...

also please do let me know of the format in which i can play my movies of normal avi and mp4 format or any converter!!!!please guide

Vasudev said...

There are many converters available, but for the time being check this post- works great and its also free -

I have converted few Hindi Movies and songs using this