Saturday, January 05, 2008

Microsoft's Photography Resources

Microsoft provides great resources for those interested in Photography. It has site dedicated to Professional Photography, Microsoft Professional Photography
where you can find lots and lots of Photography resources,

Gallery where you can see the amazing images which recognizes photographers and digital imaging industry leaders who use a Microsoft Windows-based digital workflow.
Lots of interesting articles such as -The Ultimate Setup: How Sports Illustrated photographers and crew members set up cameras, strobe lights, laptops, and servers...

A download center dedicated to Photography, where you can find lots of tools such as
Microsoft Pro Photo Shoot: Include photo shoot and equipment details in your Microsoft Office Outlook appointments.
SyncToy v2.0 Beta : Copy, move, rename, and delete files between folders and computers.
Microsoft Photo Info : Microsoft Photo Info enables easy editing of "metadata" for digital photographs from inside Windows Explorer.
Download codecs : Find codecs that will enable you to handle RAW image files with your Windows-based operating system.
and many more.....

And there's a Support section for solving various problems or issues faced.

The Microsoft Professional Photography site also provides various links , such as
Microsoft Pro Photo Blog which provides the latest aggregated links related to photography.

And there's link to Travels to the Edge with Art Wolfe :an intimate and upbeat series that offers unique insights on nature, cultures, environmental issues, and the new realm of digital photography.

Apart from the Microsoft Professional Photography Site, there's a site
Digital Photography with Windows XP

which also provides lots of articles which may interest beginners, amateurs also. It has a Digital Photography How-to center, which provides articles such as:
Take great pictures
Manage and back up your photos
Enhance and fix
And lots more, you have to explore through the treasure.

There's a 'Community and Support' also where you can Connect with other photography enthusiasts in the Photos Newsgroup. And there's Quick answers to popular questions,
Activity center focusing on fun, creativity photography projects.

So you should check the site to get all these cool things.

Next we come to a nice Windows Live Photos and Video Blog

from Windows Live Digital Memories Experience Team, which gives nice tips such as on Windows Live Photo Gallery.

If you haven't installed this , you should try it out. It comes with Windows Vista, but the new version has come out of beta and has lots of cool facilities to handle, manage and share all your digital photographs and videos. It also can be installed on Windows XP. Its one of the coolest Windows Live Services/app. about which I have posted earlier, right from its beta phase describing its features.


Axel said...

Fantastic list! What about adding some non-Microsoft tools supporting Microsoft standards such as HD Photo and Microsoft Photo rating?

I'd suggest FastPictureViewer, a fast image viewer with built-in Adobe XMP and Microsoft Photo rating at the press of a key:

Vasudev said...

Thanks axel for introducing to FastPictureviewer.