Monday, January 21, 2008

Videos for learning .NET

Recently a multi media web site has been launched which provides lots of short duration videos to learn .NET. There are over 100+ videos on the website and many more will be added. All of the data tutorial videos are free of charge and are under less than ten minutes in duration. One has to Register to access these ASP.NET 2.0 Data Tutorial videos.

For limited time those who register at the site will receive 6-Month subscription to asp.netPRO print edition and full online access for residents of US/Canada and for rest of the World: six-month online-only subscription with current issues in PDF. Check the site for more details.

This is a nice addition for learning.

There is also Official Microsoft ASP.NET website which also provides lots of such videos, webcasts, podcasts, whitepapers to learn -  Learn ASP.NET

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Anonymous said...

This is very useful site. Is there any other resources for C# .NET :)