Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Zune, iPod, PSP and other formats at Channel 8, 9,10 and Edge

What I am posting is not new, it has been there for some time. Those who know about Channel8, Channel 10 and TechNet Edge know about it. I am talking of various download formats available at these sites. I am a regular at these sites and these are among my most favorite sites.
It all Started with Channel9, when it was the only site to provide such technical videos, even now its a great site providing the latest Microsoft technolgy related videos, Technical interviews with Microsoft greats talking about the latest technology and demoing it.
Channel 9 provides these videos/downloads in wmv format- High and Low res., wma and MP3 format.
And Channels like Channel10, Channel8 and TechNet Edge goes a step further and provides these videos/downloads in -

-iPod Fomat Video (MP4)
-MP3 Audio
-PSP Format Video (MP4)
-Windows Media Audio (WMA)
-Windows Media Video (WMV)
-Windows Media Video High Quality (WMV)
-Zune Format
That's great!
Watching these Crystal clear, crisp videos on Zune is a different experience, Try it. Watch it on your iPod or Zune and PSP. I am sure you will enjoy it.
Not only format wise, but content wise also they are providing the best. I almost daily visit these sites to know what's new. I have a large collection of these videos.
Teams, Well done !!

I think they are the only channels providing download content in such wide variety of formats.
Apart from that, these sites have gone Silverlight recently which makes them equally visually appealing. And one can easily embed these videos in their blogs , sites if one want to share or put it on their blog.

Earlier there were MSDN and .NET shows providing such videos where they used to provide the Transcript also, of any interviews carried out. So if such Transcript - just the text is also provided with Channel9 interview videos , that will also be very helpful. So one can just read these transcript text and can know what the interview is all about, reading the complete transcript where some people may not have provision to download large size videos due to bandwidth restriction. And by the way these transcripts can also be converted as e-books to be read on your Zune. (Read E-books on your Zune)

If one hasn't checked these sites, one should do it now.

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