Sunday, February 03, 2008

Left Vs. Right - Political Search Engine powered by Live Search

Left Vs. Right is a Political Search Engine powered by Live Search designed by and for Political junkies, ready for 2008 American Presidential Elections.

Works best when the search queries are political in nature. You can also filter your results through blue or Red filter. Just check the Left (Patrick) or Right(Britt) Search on. Once the color filer is activated, the query results will be drawn exclusively from news sources aligned with that color's political ideology.

Just keep it idle or during the search, watch the funny moments. Remember Ms. Dewey ?
It also provides some related downloads such as wallpaper and posters. Check it out. (Thanks The Sean Blog)

A similar post
The Podium 08 - Built On Silverlight and Live Search
was posted earlier, also related to US elections '08. But the Left Vs Right uses only Live Search and does not use Silverlight.

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