Sunday, February 17, 2008

Popfly updated

An updated version of Popfly was released on 14th Feb. The updated version of Popfly includes :

- Now you can have your own data source for creating mashups. The data source editor is presented and the comma separated values are converted into yellow data source blocks for use in the mashup designer.

- Improved search interface for projects and users.

- Better Block building, Now you can upload images or any other supporting files to the block.

- Now you can put comments on profile pages thus reaching other community members.

- Better ways to invite friends, one can find if a friend has already been invited by the improved contact list import feature.

- Addition of new blocks such as, MovingSlideshow (with smooth panning and zooming transitions) and RSSList, these can be put in ones blogs sidebar.

- Popfly Help has been relocated to wiki -, now the Pofly teamas weel as the whole community can contribute.

- Silverlight support in Popfly Explorer

These are very good additions, making it more attractive and useful, if you haven't yet tried it just give it a try at Popfly!!

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