Thursday, February 14, 2008

TIP : Use Scroll Wheel Button Click

I am writing this tip , after I came across this post from my friend : How to Open Mozilla Firefox Searchbox Results in New Tab?
which says :
If you are using Firefox, then you have noticed that whenever you use its Searchbox to find anything, it opens the results in the existing tab and hence it overwrites the contents. Its quite irritating and we always have to open a new tab to make search. Here is a solution for this problem. After following this trick, your search results will open in a new tab:

1. Type about:config in Firefox addressbar and press Enter.
2. Now type in Filter box.
3. Now you’ll get in results. Double click on it and its value will be changed to true.
4. Thats it. Now your search results will open in a new tab.

Fine, that will do. Now coming to my tip,

Another method is enter the query in SearchBox and press Alt+Enter, and your result will be shown in new Tab. And this will work in IE and FireFox.

Now coming to the use of Mouse Scroll Wheel Button. There's a very neat use of it. And many of us don't use it. Its a very neat tip.

In FireFox, if you want to open search results in new tab, Just use your Mouse Scroll Wheel Button Click, and Search result will open in new tab. In IE this wont work, while Opera has 'Paste & Go' option.

There is more use of it. Suppose you are browsing a a page full of various links and you want to open a link in new tab. You'll generally right click on that link and click on 'Open in new tab'. Instead, you try this, just Click on the link with Mouse Scroll Wheel Button Click and it'll Open in new tab. Cool !! Will work in IE or FireFox.

I hope you'll start using this neat tip as majority of the present mouse comes with scroll wheel.

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