Monday, February 25, 2008

Windows Live Spaces and Events updated

WLspaceslogo As some of you had already noticed some updates to Windows Live Spaces, now it has also been  officially announced at The Space Craft.

A new feature added to Windows Live Spaces is Common friends display. When you are signed and visit a friend's Space, you can see the friends you have in common. You can 'Explore Friends' with options, 'All', 'In Common' and 'Not in common'.

Another feature added is, you have option to add more than one photo album to your space from the Customize page. I thought it was already there.

Now let us see what's new in Windows Live Events,

Any public Events you organise, will be shown in your Windows Live profile and Events Homepage, so that your friends and Messenger contacts will know about that Event, when and where it's happening.

When you create an event on Windows Live, your own name and e-mail address appears on the invitation instead of the automatically generated e-mail address.

The Spacecraft also goes on to inform about the SkyDrive , which I had already mentioned in the separate post earlier.

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