Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Virtual Earth 3D blog - Exploring Microsoft Virtual Earth in 3D

Check out this new blog on Virtual Earth 3D at

The Virtual Earth 3D blog is kept by the Microsoft 3D Integration team in Boulder Colorado. It provides a forum for the sharing of information and ideas around the Virtual Earth 3D environment.

"Welcome to the Virtual Earth 3D blog, dedicated to the sharing of information about the Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D environment as seen on the Live Search Maps site. Here we will strive to keep you abreast of the latest product news and general items of interest related to the great work that is coming out of the Microsoft Boulder 3D Integration team. We encourage you to use this as a forum to voice your questions and share your views about Virtual Earth 3D.

If you have not yet experienced the Virtual Earth 3D experience, you are in for a treat. Microsoft is investing heavily to produce a complete and accurate digital representation of the earth on the web, which in addition to satellite and aerial views, includes 3D terrain and photorealistic, geospecific 3D city models. To date, there are roughly 300 cities published on the Live Search maps site and the Virtual Earth development team is adding more every month. The models provide you with an opportunity to explore locations from all vantage points and perspectives from the comfort of your home, hotel room, or anywhere that you can connect to the Internet.

Virtual Earth is completely served up over the Internet. The only thing you need to install is what amounts to about a 5 MB plug-in to manage the 3D experience. To do this, from the Live Search Maps site you click on the Control panel 3D button."

I hope many Indian cities will also be added.

For more details, check the Virtual Earth 3D Blog.

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