Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hotmail users can also join i'm Initiative

Windows Live Hotmail announced today that Hotmail users can also join the i'm Initiative.This means you can use Messenger or Hotmail or both and help raise money for the cause of your choice. The i’m Initiative is a Microsoft program where Microsoft shares a portion of their advertising revenue for everyday activities – sending IMs and emails. You might have noticed some of your Messenger buddies with a little “i’m” icon ( i'm ) next to their name in your buddy list, that means your friend is participating in the i’m Initiative and raising money for social causes. If you are new to i'm then go to http://im.live.com to join and for more info.

So from now on if you are already a Hotmail user, you can join in this initiative. It just puts the i’m-specific advertisement at the end of your emails. So how to activate it?

Go to 'options' at the top right, below the signout link, Click on the 'more options'  and you can find it under the 'Customize your mail' .


From there you'll get a page to select the cause of your choice. That's all. So whenever you send an email, it'll put an i'm specific ad.


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But sadly its United States specific at present.



Manan said...

Hey Vasu thanks a lot for the info, I have found a work-around for non-US country citizens to participate in this: here

vasu said...

Thanks manan, that's what I had done to test it.