Monday, May 12, 2008

How to deploy an XNA game to your Zune

Recently XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP has been released as I had posted earlier about it that using this version you can develop games for Zune. And many of you must have already downloaded it and trying to develop games for your Zune. But many of you may not know or might not have yet coded the games for your Zune. So not to worry, now there are many games being made available on net developed by enthusiasts and developers. So you can get those games and can deploy it to your Zune. But how to do it?

Here's a nice step by step video by Microsoft Academic Developer Evangelist Dan Waters where he demos what is required and how to deploy an XNA game to your Zune. Also check out a pong like game he provides for download which you can deploy it on our Zune. Thanks Dan !

Video: XNA on the Zune: A Brief How-To


Source code for Pong like game.Source Code (zip, 83 KB)
The above shown Video (wmv, 35.6 MB)

(source:XNA Games on the Zune - A Brief "How To")

Please remember XNA game Studio is a CTP version and should not be deployed on your production machine. Try at your own risk and enjoy developing, deploying and playing games on your Zune!

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