Friday, May 02, 2008

Microsoft Task Market - Get your Job Done

There's an interesting site from Microsoft, Task market Tech Preview What is it about? Suppose you are running a business and you want some help with tasks such as designing logos or brochures, enhancing presentations, writing copy, editing and more such jobs but you want to concentrate on your business. So just post the job you want done on the site (It's FREE) and there will be skilled freelancers registered on the site who will be looking to help in your work they are proficient in. So here are the simple steps that these things will be carried out:

Post your Job. (As I said earlier Its FREE)

Freelancers respond to your post.

Grant permission to Freelancers.

Freelancers takes your job and start working on it.

Receive the completed task.

Pay your Freelancer via Paypal.

And you can rate your Freelancer according to work carried out by him and thus you can concentrate on carrying your business and also get your work done.

Thus, Microsoft Task Market connects small businesses with skilled freelancers for marketing and other document help such as graphic design, writing and editing, document translation, and creating or enhancing presentations and spreadsheets. By focusing on tasks accomplished using applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Access, Task Market makes it quicker and easier for small businesses to get their job done.
Task Market is a "tech preview", which means the site is in its infancy and still evolving

Microsoft Task Market Tech Preview does not charge to use the site. Posting a job is free. Task Market also does not charge freelancers who solve jobs. You can check the FAQ for more info.

It will be very useful for small jobs which many businesses will be looking for to be carried out and many big solution providers will not be doing such jobs.

This is one of the many interesting project being featured at . I'll be posting more about other projects from Microsoft Office Labs in the days to come. They have many interesting and useful projects.

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