Thursday, May 01, 2008

Xobni - Great Plugin for Outlook

I have been using Xobni - Outlook Add-in for more than a month now and I find it very useful. Even the name Xobni, 'Inbox' spelt backwards that itself is very interesting. Those who are interested in analytics on their email will surely like it. It gives all kinds of statistics of people interacted via email. It helps you organize, search, and navigate your email.
Xobni improves your Outlook productivity with ultra fast email search, threaded conversations and contact profiles. It's all organized in a convenient Outlook sidebar.
After the install, you will get the Xobni menu option and the Xobni Sidebar in the Outlook which can be collapsed like the 'To-Do bar'. Once you start using Xobni, information will become much easier to find.

Some of its features are:
The best feature I like is its blazing fast email search tool.If one is familiar with the Vista's search, its similar. The email or person appears as you type.

Rankings, graphs, and statistics detailing how you and your contacts use email is shown in Email analytics.

You can navigate your inbox by people. Discover email's social network - quickly identify a contact's manager, business partner, or assistant.

Schedule appointments with a click of a button - Xobni automagically finds open slots in your busy schedule.

Historical attachments available instantly without searching.

Contact details pop into the sidebar, Phone numbers extracted from emails.

Even Bill Gates appreciated Xobni when he demoed Xobni as part of his opening keynote at the Office Developers Conference earlier this year. Bill Gates called Xobni “the next generation of social networking.” He credited Xobni as leveraging the data in email to help users better manage their relationships.

And there's lot more. You must try it out. At present Xobni is in beta and is invite only for now. I have very few invites left, if one is interested to have, you can put your mail ID in the comments or contact me from the 'Contact me' section on the sidebar of the blog.

UPDATE : All my xobni invites are over now, thanks for the the great response.

UPDATE(5th May 08) : From today Xobni is available for download directly from their site and does not require invites. So those who want to try can download it directly.


Tony said...

Can you give me an invite for Xobni (

- Tony John

Vasudev said...

Hello Toni, from now, xobni is available for immediate download from their site and does not require invites.