Monday, June 16, 2008

Live Search xRank now ranks Bloggers

Live Search Team at Microsoft has been working behind the scenes and have been adding lots of new features recently to Live Search and it is indeed becoming better. To this list of feature a new option in xRank* has been added now.

Earlier you had option to rank celebrity, musicians and politicians, now to this a new category ‘Blogger’ has been added. This will bring more people to try this new category. As Bloggers will want to see where they stand. At present the Ranks are not being shown beyond ~300. Still I think this has to be fine tuned and will be improved upon. I can not say on what the Blogger ranks have based on, I don’t think its based on Technorati  as the ranks differ a lot for both.


I would suggest to create sub-categories under Blogger such as Computing, Cooking, Food, Technology, Politics etc. so that we may refine the Ranks of Bloggers according to these categories. If I just see the top ranked bloggers at present I will get Bloggers whom I am not interested in. So if I am interested in Bloggers rank of particular category I should get that rank list. I hope Live Search team will do it in future.


Also I hope Live Search will introduce all these features to all regions. As at present many Live Search options are not xRankInd available to all the regions. For example for India region you are not getting all categories for xRank – as you are getting Celebrity option only.

So if you want to try this new Blogger category just use : and from more select xRank to get all the options. This is US based.

Moreover, if you haven’t tried Live Search recently, Give it a try. Its much better and even beats Google in doing a Image and video search. I will post about it soon.

*(xRank™ keeps track of notable people and puts them in order, and these Live Search web searches are taken into account and then it is compiled into an insightful ranking formula that tells you who the world is searching for most.)

(Source: MS NewsGroup discussions, Thanks JamieThomson.)

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