Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Visual Studio Gallery becomes more community friendly

VSgalleryLogo Earlier I had posted about Visual Studio Gallery on its launch.And since its launch it has been growing as the one stop shop for Visual Studio Extensions. Now it has collection of 600 extensions. And recently it has been much improved by the addition of new set of features. Some of the features are :

· Users can now contribute their own ratings on the quality extensions they’ve tried

· Visitors can optionally provide a detailed review about the extensions.

· a Review Tab added where visitors can sort through the various reviews on an extension

· The “Was this review helpful” lets other browsers sort credible reviews from the rest

· Authors of an extension now get aggregate information about the ratings of their extension

· Improved the category & search results page giving a better summary of the matching extensions.

Adding such features gives the chance to define the quality of the extensions on the Gallery.

And over the coming weeks more things will be added, such as :

· Author contributed Tags for extensions

· RSS Feeds for each category

· Tag based RSS feeds

· Improvements to the new Categories list page

· Improved Submission form

So what are you waiting for, sign-in to Visual Studio Gallery and start reviewing the extensions.

Thanks Anthony @ MS !

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Anthony said...

I just wanted to give you a heads up of some updates we’ve made to the Visual Studio Gallery to support RSS feeds, Tagging, HTML editor for details pages and other new features.

Here’s a post describing the new features.