Monday, June 09, 2008

Visualize Microsoft online community activity in fun ways

Want to check what’s happening at MSDN and TechNet Community or other Microsoft Technical Communities or at Channel9 Communities in a Fun way? Then you have to check out these cool new Silverlight Apps that visualize online community activity in fun and interesting ways.

You can check them at


Ticker - Lines of thought scroll across the screen like a news wire or stock ticker. Find new ideas and links to cool stuff on MSDN and TechNet.


Orbs - Orbs represent threads that pop in and jostle for your attention. The movement of the orbs can be hypnotic and gives you insight into activities of Microsoft Technical community.


Anemone - Media associated with tags gently wave and clamber for your attention. The more media associated with a tag, the longer the mesmerizing tendrils of squares. See how tags are associated when the same media overlaps. Check it out  to see what's floating around the community. Anemone will be coming soon on June11.


These are Silverlight 2 Beta 2 apps, so download the new beta, to try them out. Thanks John!

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