Thursday, July 31, 2008

Live Search gets a cool Home Page with Hotspots

Today Live Search has been updated with a new Home Page which shows a background image. This was on trial since last month and many were already getting this. The new design shows a background image which will be changed regularly and also we get ‘hotspots’ which gleams when the page loads. These interactive areas highlight parts of the image and help you explore search results related to the highlighted area. If you have missed to notice these hotspots while loading, just move your mouse cursor over the image to discover them. Its indeed a nice place to start a search as it keeps you engaging.


Hotspots gleam and again appear when mouse cursor  is moved over them


At present the new Home page  available only in U.S. but more markets to follow soon. And if you can not wait, then just change the location at top of Homepage to U.S. to get it or just use this link to search with U.S. market. And the image page loads fast, if one has a slow connection one can notice the basic page loads first and he can start the search immediately and then image hotspots loads. So there’s no delay as such. The experience is good and one will come to know more as he discovers through the image. I hope the image chosen will be with worldwide theme to cover  images from world over. Also some special images can be put on some special occasions.

And I had already changed my default search engine to Live Search from Google some times back because of the image and video search of Live Search. If you haven’t seen them, check it out. It beats Google.

The new HomePage will bring a sense of discovery, surprise and joy when the user finds the Hotspot and gets information about it. So one can say “What you have discovered today……?” like one of the earlier MS taglines. And as the Live Search team says, there are many more interesting things to come.

(Source:New home page helps you explore more on the Web)

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