Monday, July 28, 2008

Mojave Site : Coming Soon

As many of you might have heard about the recent ‘Mojave’ Experiment carried out by Windows marketing team where a group of Windows XP users who had negative impressions of Vista were shown a “new” version of Windows operating system, code-named “Mojave”. And they were asked to give their feedback. More than 90 percent gave positive feedback on what they saw. Then they were told that "Mojave" was actually Windows Vista.

I would say its a nice move as Vista has been maligned and has got a wrong impression by many people. Yes Vista had some problems which have been ironed out and has been improved a lot and also SP1 has been released which brings many improvements.

Now looking at the success of this project code named “mojave”, Microsoft is putting up a website to learn more about “mojave’ experiment at

The site goes live on July 29th, that is tomorrow. It will have viral videos and banner ads.

It will be quite interesting to see this site and hope many will shed their negative feelings about Vista. So Think Positive and be ready to see more about ‘mojave’


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