Sunday, July 06, 2008

MSN Toolbar gets Weather Button, Themes

Those using MSN Toolbar must have noticed the new addition; Yes, now MSN Toolbar is auto updated to get weather button showing Current temperature with graphic display for Sun, Cloud etc.. This feature was very much requested and now its provided. Thanks !



msnTBW2cr1 msnTBW3cr1

Its a nice and useful addition. On clicking the button, one gets the 5 days forecast, option to change location and a search bar to find weather for any location.

msnTBW1 msnTBW3cr

msnTBW4cr We can store number of locations.And we can clear the location history. I would have liked an option to clear selective locations instead of clearing everything.

When we are offline the weather Button just shows N/A status, which looks quite prominent and odd, as this Silverlight based Toolbar is supposed to always look nice as it does apart from that N/A status.msnTBW5NA So I would suggest to make it slide inside to hide itself when offline and Slide out when online displaying the Weather button.

Apart from getting this Weather Button update, the toolbar also auto updates with Themes according to occasions for that particular day and returns to normal look the next day. On 4th July, it was updated with American  Flag theme on America’s Independence day . And then many have got Active fireworks on their MSN Toolbar. So this may be Location based. And all this gets updated automatically. So watch out for such Theme changes on some Special Occasions. Neat!

Although one should get these updates on their toolbar ver3, if not one can get the new version 3.0.426.0 from here. And since its last release it is available for few more regions based as Germany, UK, France and Italy apart from Eng (US).


As posted in my earlier posts MSN Toolbar now also supports Silverlight2 Beta2. For more information on MSN Toolbar , please check my earlier related posts.

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