Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Live Search 12 Aug. 08

I thought of posting various Live Search Olympics Home Page changed during the Olympics Games. So I’ll be posting it regularly, almost daily till Beijing Olympics closing ceremony . Here’s a set of beautiful images put up recently.



And if you have not started using Live Search, start using it, give it a try. It has improved a lot with great features, try the image and video search.


Quikboy said...

They're pretty awesome. At first, I had doubts about Microsoft putting on these background images, but they're pretty cool. I expected Microsoft to put boring, ugly images, and even advertising, but these Olympic images make me more confident.

I hope they do this often, even after the Olympics. A quick refresh every 2-3 days would be cool. Maybe an option to turn it off would be nice too.

Hari Maurya said...

Wallpapers are very nice...Live rocks

Vasudev said...

@quikboy, Yes I agree. Live Search looks good and also works good. They are still improving in areas they were lacking and in some cases as Image and video search they are ahead. Live Search providing a refreshing change with stunning Olympics pics. And yes they should refresh every 2-3 days after Olympics.
At present during Olympics they are providing beautiful pics every day.

@Hari , So you have put it as Wallpaper? :) Yes Pics are beautiful.