Wednesday, August 06, 2008

MSN Toolbar updated with Olympics, Stocks buttons

Yesterday I noticed that my MSN Toolbar has been updated. I noticed it as the new buttons gleamed, very cool effect. The new buttons added are Video, Olympics and Stocks. The toolbar was automatically updated.



Olympic button is a timely update.This button gives lots of Olympic related information starting from Medal count, News, photos, videos and game specific news.



This is a very nice update as Olympics are just round the corner. Here you can see various videos available , related to Olympics. (Some may get “NBC is require to restrict this video to viewers within the Unites States” due to restrictions) The video option can be seen in other buttons also , displaying videos related to that button.

The video button has lots of options


Now coming to Stocks button, its also nicely designed. We can add the company whose stock we want to be displayed.


We can also enable the Ticker, which  will show the Ticker in the Stocks button.


I would say these are good additions, if you haven’t yet installed MSN toolbar, try it out and check System Requirements from here. Its definitely a different kind of toolbar.

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Olympic Toolbar Review said...

Very cool toolbar. However, if you aren't running Vista and using the IE 6+ browser, you might try the Olympic Toolbar here:

It works with IE or Firefox and with older operating systems. Links to each Olympic sport, along with RSS feeds that are constantly updated.

Also some nice gadgets, including a "Medal Counter" and a "Mini Olympics" game where you can try archery, weightlifting and diving without having to visit a web site. Great for keeping up to date when you're stuck in the office.