Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Have you tried the Windows Live Wave3 beta?

Couple of days back the new Windows Live Beta was released. I installed it as soon as they were released. The new Windows Live Beta Suite has:

  • Windows Live Messenger beta
  • Windows Live Mail beta
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery beta
  • Windows Live Movie Maker beta (Only for Vista)
  • Windows Live Writer beta
  • Windows Live Family Safety

Windows Live Movie Maker Beta is a new addition.You can install all or choose the Live product whichever you want.

The new Windows Live Wave 3 Beta includes significant updates with lots of great new features. I have installed it and exploring various new features. Being the Windows Live Beta Tester, I am also submitting feedbacks and bugs. Till now I haven’t come across any major issues and all are working fine. I had  no problem installing them. I tried the installation by upgrading the Live products which I already had on my Windows XP. I also installed them by removing my earlier version of Live products on my Windows Vista. And the installation was smooth in both the cases without any problem.

If you haven’t yet installed them, then just get it now from http://download.live.com



I will posting about various new features of different Live products in my subsequent posts.


Akhilesh said...

The site looks clean and fresh. I initially had a problem with the installer saying that the operating system is not WinXp or Vista although i run Win XP on m PC. Later I installed the latest version of windows installer, then all the problems vanished! Thanks for sharing this !

Vasudev said...

Nice to know that your problem got resolved.
Try other Live products also. WL Messenger has lots of new features.You'll also like the face recognition feature (tagging people) in WL Photo Gallery.