Monday, October 06, 2008

The 10 Most Overrated Products Vs Underrated Products

I came across this interesting slide show from PCWorld (msn tech & gadgets) about  the 10 Most Overrated Products against Underrated ones.  Check this out.

ZuneVipod Apple iPod 3G (© Apple); Microsoft Zune (© Microsoft)


Some of them featured are:

Apple iPhone 3G (© Apple); Sidekick 2008 (© T-Mobile)

Apple iTunes 8.0 (© Apple); (© Slacker)

Apple iPod 3G (© Apple); Microsoft Zune (© Microsoft)

Adobe Photoshop CS4 (© Adobe); (© MIT License)

Windows XP (© Microsoft Corp) ;Windows Vista (© Microsoft Corp)

and many more ……………see the link for other comparison.

As you can see many Apple products getting listed in Overhyped products. Indeed its marketing hype that adds them. They are good but other products in their category are also good which may not have got that extra marketing push. For ex. Zune and the Zune Software are less hyped but I think are better. Another is Paint.NET, which many do not know about its potential. Being free does not mean it is not good. It can very well do many basic image editing tasks. Follow the above link for detailed read.

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