Friday, October 10, 2008

Get photographed with your clone using Windows Live Photo Gallery

You all must have used ‘Create Panoramic photo…’ option in Windows Live Photo Gallery for creating stunning panoramas of sceneries or city’s skyline etc. People normally use this option to create a landscape prepared by stitching 2 or more photos. This option has been one of my favorite features and have been using since the start of Photo Gallery.

Today I will tell you to make use of this option in a different way, for something different.

How about using this option for creating a clone? Yes, you can do it. You can get photographed with your clone. Or you can take your friend’s photo with his/ her clone. Let us see how it can be done.

Take a normal photo featuring a person , as shown below.  It’s a normal photo, btw he’s my cousin Akhilesh sitting on the ground playing veena, a musical instrument.


Now take another photo of the same person in a different position as if he’s talking or looking at his earlier photographed position. make sure he is standing in a somewhat farther place in line with the earlier position and portion of this photograph is overlapped with the earlier taken photograph. Please check the next photo to understand this.


As you can see in both the above photographs the door portion is getting overlapped. This is necessary for working of ‘ Creating Panoramic photo..’ option as it stitches the photographs together. Also note in the second photograph the person is gesturing as if he is talking to person in first photo. This makes it more natural.

Now open these photographs in Windows Live Photo Gallery and select these 2 photographs. You can drag the mouse around these 2 photographs keeping pressed the left mouse button to select these together. Or you can select one by clicking the mouse over one and keeping the ctrl key select the other one , so that both gets selected.

Now keeping these photograph selected click on Make > Create panoramic photo….


Rest will be taken care by the software and you will see both the photographs getting stitched together into single one as shown below. You  can use the crop option to trim the photograph from above and below, if needed.


As you can see Windows Live Photo Gallery has done a perfect job stitching the 2 photographs. And the person seems to be talking with his clone. So how was the trick ? Hope you liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and my cousin Akhilesh too.

You can make use of more than 2 photographs but remember to overlap each photograph and you will get a perfect photograph with your clone. May be, it may require a little bit of practice and imagination. Also you can wear different dresses for different photographs making it more authentic. Its total Fun, try it out now!! 

So what are you waiting for, get the latest ver. of Windows Live Photo Gallery beta from  and try other new features also.


Akhilesh said...

Good Job!

Quikboy said...

Awesome idea! That's really creative. I got to try that.

Vasudev said...

I am sure you'll enjoy it, quikboy.

Abhay Karnataki said...

hey, that's excellent man!! cool trick!

Vasudev said...

Yes Abhay, you should try that one.

Ram said...

Coooooooooool..... Trying that now.. Also regarding Face recognition, is there any chance of the software getting updated for automatically searching the tagged images?

vasudev said...

Glad to know that you liked it, ram. If you meant if we tag a person and rest of the photos of that person getting tagged auto? That will be nice, may be in future. But for now if you tag a person, you can list all the photos of that particular person. So that's a nice advantage of people tagging. I will call it people tagging rather than face recognition. A face is recognized in the photo but we have to give it a tag.

Nirmal said...

That was a good effort, nice job...

Vasudev said...

Thanks Nirmal. Glad to know you liked it.