Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Windows Live Hotmail Wave3 Screenshots

Today as I signed into one of my Hotmail accounts, I was presented with the following screen saying ‘Your inbox has a slightly new look’


So I was excited to see my Hotmail account updated about which we have been hearing  since some time. The updated Hotmail is indeed faster, has cleaner and simple looks, new themes in line with other Wave 3 Live products, like the new Windows Live Messenger beta. Updated version has better Contacts control. And more improvements will be coming in the days to come. Such as * Hotmail storage to grow with ones account at reasonable pace, Inbox capacity will automatically increase as you need more space. *IM through Hotmail. *New Calendar features.

Let us check some of the screenshots of new Windows Live Hotmail:

You will have choice of Themes replacing the earlier color schemes making it uniform with other Wave3 Beta Live products.Remember thought that this new updated Windows Live Hotmail is not in Beta. From the Options as you move your Mouse cursor over various themes , the change gets reflected in the interface.

newHM6thmz newHM6az




newHM6fz newHM6gz newHM6hz


There’s only one version unlike earlier where we had ‘Classic’ and ‘Full’, thus its simple and everyone gets access to all the features of Hotmail.

Also you have Manage Folders:


And Contact List is conveniently lists Alphabetically with Display Picture of the contact and Alphabet index on top.


While writing a new message, type the first few letters of a friend's name or an e-mail address who you want to send an e-mail to, Hotmail fills in the rest.

The new Windows Live Hotmail is integrated with the Windows Live Calendar Beta which makes it very useful



‘More’ Option on the Main bar shows


Now the mails are scanned with Windows Live OneCare.


So overall its nice, simple and fast and its still improving. And the update rollout is being carried out gradually and one will see it updated across all accounts soon.


Ajay said...

is this update is also come for indian users also

Vasudev said...

Yes Ajay, its for all. And all the accounts will be updated gradually.

Akhilesh said...

Has the WL calender been integrated with WL Mail Client also?

Karan said...

What about Chat ?

Quikboy said...

Too bad the update hasn't come for me yet. :^(

I really wish they didn't do away with all the button icons. Much more easier than boring text...

I also hope the AJAX is really as improved as you claim.

It's a shame about the advertisement pane. It's always so annoying at the top of the page! They should do what Yahoo! does, and have a collapsable pane on the right.

Can't wait to try it out.

Vasudev said...

Yes, akhilesh, it is. Give it a try.You have the Calendar shortcut at Bottom left.

Vasudev said...

@karan, IM is not yet integrated within Hotmail. But will be available by early 2009 along with more new features.
At least I am not seeing it yet. There were reports earlier that some people have got this update, but I am not sure. But its sure that IM through Hotmail will be available in the coming days.

Vasudev said...

Yes the full deployment will take time.
Actually I rarely had any problem with Hotmail Speed. The new , clean interface is fast.
And yes, I agree with your suggestions.

Edgar J. said...

I have been waiting for this update. Hope my inbox gets this update. Have you found any problems with this update?

Vasudev said...

@edgar j. As I said it will days to fully deploy this, so its taking time to show for you. I hope soon you too will get it. Till now I don't have any problem with this update.