Saturday, November 15, 2008

Build Robotics Apps using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 Express Edition

Microsoft® Robotics Developer Studio 2008 Express Edition is a freely available .NET-based programming environment for building robotics applications. The Express Edition is fully functional version but has a feature set that better targets the non-professional developer and hobbyist.

Microsoft® Robotics Developer Studio 2008 Express Edition enables hobbyists and non-professional developers to create robotics applications targeting a wide range of scenarios.
Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio supports a broad set of robotics platforms by either running directly on the platform or controlling it from a Windows device through a communication channel such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth®.
In addition to providing support for Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 Express Edition provides a visual programming environment which allows developers to create applications simply by dragging and dropping components onto a canvas and wiring them together.
The powerful Visual Simulation Environment provides a high-fidelity simulation environment powered by AGEIA Technologies™ PhysX™ engine for running game-quality 3D simulations with real-world physics interactions.
To help developers getting started, the studio contains extensive documentation and a large set of samples and tutorials that illustrate how to write applications ranging from simple "Hello Robot" to complex applications that simultaneously run on multiple robots.

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“Do your friends refer to you as a Gadget Geek or a Grease Monkey? Do you have a workshop set up in your garage or home office to tinker? Give your creations a brain by using the Visual Studio Express Editions to add programming logic. Are you into robotics? Learn how Microsoft can provide you with the tools to bring your bots to life!”

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