Friday, November 14, 2008

Indian Flag on Moon – Mission Chandrayaan-1 Successful

Moon_Enh News just coming in- Moon Impact Probe (MIP) has landed on Moon and started sending signals to ISRO, thus India becomes 4th Nation to have its Flag on the Moon. The MIP has Indian Tricolor painted on it. Its a proud and a historic moment for India. Chandrayaan-1 Mission Successful!!!  It was on Oct 22, 2008 Chandrayaan-1 was launched. The Indian tricolour had been hoisted on Mount Everest and Antarctica. And now it is on the Moon.

MIP will start sending still and digital video pictures of the Moon to ISRO.

For all the details, please check :

The image shows Moon as viewed by Chandrayaan-1 on 4 Nov. 2008, Distance ~ 311200 Km. from Moon (Image courtesy : ISRO)

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