Sunday, December 14, 2008

Browse giga-pixel images smoothly on your iPhone with Seadragon mobile

logo_color_seadragon_90 Seadragon Mobile brings the same smooth image browsing you get on the PC to the mobile platform. Browse a giga-pixel image on your iphone or hundreds of images at full resolution, that too smoothly. Seadragon from Microsoft Live Labs is designed to provide next-generation visual experiences, regardless of the size of the screen, size of the file or speed of your network.

Create your own content with the Deep Zoom Composer or PhotoZoom and view it on your phone.  Or just look at the sample content. You can also browse Photosynth collections (yours or anybody else's) with just a flick and a pinch.

Get it FREE from iPhone App Store.


- View thousands of images over the air
- Quickly view massive gigapixel images
- Explore Photosynth collections in 2D, including your own
- Add your own PhotoZoom / Deep Zoom Composer content
- Subscribe to Deep Zoom RSS feeds
Released as a tech preview, Seadragon Mobile is designed to show off the 'what if?' of mobile user experiences. Expect more cool stuff from Live Labs in the future at


Check for more details and demo video at

Seadragon Mobile - Microsoft beating Apple at its own game

EDIT: Also check this video First Look: Seadragon Mobile  from Channel10, where Ben Vanik,creator of this project demos it.

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