Saturday, December 13, 2008

Experience Photosynth on Macs and Older PCs with Photosynth’s Silverlight viewer

photosynthlogo Photosynth viewing experience uses a technology called Direct 3D, and makes sophisticated use of the graphics hardware.If you have a recent Windows PC with up to date graphics drivers you’ll have a great experience, and you’ll be able to view synths with buttery smoothness.But lots of people have older machines, and many people have Macs, and none of these folks could view synths before now. A new Experimental Cross-Platform Viewer has been developed and updated now for experiencing Photosynths.

Try It: Explore Synths in Silverlight

More information about Experimental Silverlight Viewer is here.

If you want to Create your own Synths or want to explore what other people are synthing,  go to

Please read the about page for more information on the Silverlight viewer. There’s also a high performance viewer (Windows only). To view another synth, right-click a synth thumbnail on the site, copy the url and paste it into the given box , or just hit the Photosynth button to view a featured synth.

One of the example


So enjoy Photosynths now, even if you have a Mac or if you have an Older System.

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