Friday, December 26, 2008

Instant photo border option in Windows Live Writer

An ‘Instant photo’ border option has been added in the recent version of Windows Live Writer. The 2009 RC ver. (Build 14.0.8050.1202) of Writer has been released with Windows Live Essentials beta.

Along with many new features, one of the new feature is ‘Instant photo’ border option.


With the advent of Digital Cameras, the use of Polaroid films has been reducing and many of you might be aware that Polaroid will soon stop manufacturing these Instant Photo films. In earlier years these Polaroid films were a big part of the family photo and were very popular. To give the photo the appearance of a Polaroid picture we now have an option in Windows Live Writer.  So let us see how to make use of it.

Insert a picture in Windows Live Writer using Insert option, Now select the picture and from taskpane Picture tab > Borders, select Instant photo. Now you can see an Instant photo like Border has been provided to your picture. But some of you might be wondering, why the picture has been cropped. The picture has been cropped because that aspect ratio is what "instant photos" in real life look like. But you wanted to show some different portion of the picture in the Instant photo border.

For that, keeping the Instant borderd picture selected go to ‘Advanced’ tab and select ‘Crop…’ option and select/highlight  the portion which you want to be bordered in ‘Instant photo’ . You can also use the ‘Tilt…’ option to give your picture a tilt effect. Now you can see the portion you wanted with the Instant photo border.

Following is an example, let us put an ‘Instant photo’ border to it.


Now the same photo with Instant photo border and showing the required portion using ‘Crop…’ option.


Now you can get the same Instant photo effect for any photos with this option and not only for family photos :)

Enjoy !!


Akhilesh said...

interesting . I will download the latest release of WLW.
Thanks for sharing vasu!

Vasudev said...

Yes Akhilesh, you should try all the Windows Live Apps and services. The new Windows Live has many cool new features.