Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Live Search: Search images using images

Live Search has been improving continuously and coming up with new features since some time now. They have introduced another feature where you can search for images using another image. Say I do a image search for KapilDev (Indian Cricketer) It provides various KapilDev’s image results:


So, from these images I wanted to see more images of Kapildev with the World Cup, so just hover the mouse over that image and you’ll see an option ‘show similar images’. Click on it.


And when you click on it, you will get a new set of image results with Such images.


This option is being available for US region, so if you are not getting the option in your region and want to try this, use this link http://www.live.com/?mkt=en-us

I would like Live search to improve it more, as sometimes I am getting some irrelevant results. And I would also like to put a limit to such results, so that more near similar results are obtained.

In future how about providing an option in Live Search where we upload an image and Live Search will provide us similar results.  That will be very nice as one will be searching an image provided by user.

I also noticed that I am not getting the ‘Scratchpad’ and ‘Related people’ options which were available earlier.



Akhil said...

Wow!! fabulous

Vasudev said...

Yes, Akhil that's a nice feature, but again this not yet implemented for India. I would like to see all features implemented for India also. btw you can try your luck for winning Mobile talktime with Live search,