Tuesday, December 16, 2008

‘Microsoft Answers’- Forum for Mainstream Microsoft Consumer launched

Ans2 Microsoft has launched a web-based support forum Microsoft Answers for the mainstream Microsoft Consumers. Initially it will focus on Windows Vista. It is easy-to-use, accessible online support, as its for Mainstream customers, so these users will find easy to find and search the contents. Microsoft Answers will make it much simpler for users to ask for help and advice in their own words to get answers to those questions in everyday, simple language that these consumers can easily understand. This will help a lot for mainstream consumers such as Home users, an average PC user who just want his query resolved without any technical jargons.



Quikboy said...

Sheesh, why can't Microsoft just make one consistent site for users to ask questions and get answers? There's now Live QnA, Windows Live Solutions Center, now Microsoft Answers.

They're all different looking, function different, it's really ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Because totally different teams built them. It's a bit like comparing different web sites of the U.S. government.