Friday, December 12, 2008

Mooncake : Create Deep Zoom tile sets from your flickr streams

Allan Li from has created a project codename Mooncake, which can pull photos from flickr or other sites and creates Deep Zoom tile sets from it. (Thanks to Felix Wang for correcting me)

After following the simple steps, it generates code which can be embed in ones blog or sites to display the Deep Zoom tile sets. You can try it at

Its still in beta. You can also signup for the same at

Here are the steps screenshots:

Enter the flickr name, it has support for SmugMug also,


So it will display all the photos from that flickr stream, you choose which one to include and press ‘Next’


It will generate Deep Zoom photos……..


…and provides the code which can be used to embed it in blog as I have done it here. It provides different effects for the photos. Here I have just shown some birds photos, one can try with some high resolution photos to see the full impact of Deep Zoom.


This is what it looks like :

I just changed the dimesnsion to fit in my blog,
Get Microsoft Silverlight
(source:Autogenerating collections from flickr streams!)


felix said...

I have to correct you, please note that this is not my project. The author is Allan, visit for more info.

felix said...

please note that this is not my project. The author is Allan, visit for more info.

Vasudev said...

Thanks felix for correcting me. I have updated the same. And I have also added another link at end as source from where I got to know as Your project and I quote: "Felix Wang from Microsoft China has created a little project that creates deep zoom tile sets from your flickr streams....."
Link here again
Since it was a msdn blog link , So I quoted the same.
Thanks again Felix for correcting, sorry for the confusion. I hope the msdn blog will also be corrected.